10 Characteristics Of a Master Sales Closer

The Characteristics of a Master Sales Closer

1. Shows no fear: Never ‘pushy’ and does not resolve to hard sell. No signs of weakness and vulnerability to rejection. The master sales closer is confident and relaxed, and lets the conversation take its own course and move at its own pace. He wants the prospect to buy but understands the pace that needs to be at.

2. Not selling just for the commission: Profound genuine belief in the value of what he is selling. Matching the right people to the right product/service.

3. Never gets down on herself/himself: Knows how to control his inner critic. May use errors to improve but never as a stick to beat himself with.

4. Very Organised and straightforward in asking for action: “Here’s how we will get started”

5. Understands the prospect has doubts, fears and the temptation to avoid confrontation too: A master sales closer understands their job is to close sales more than anything else. Knows the prospect wants him to be firm, convinced, and reassuring to help the prospect act rather than avoid/postpone a decision.

6. Immune to rejection: Never taking questions, objections or refusal personally.

8. Avoid all negative influences and distractions: Committed and focused on the objective

9. Master closers are competitive yet remarkably stress free: A master sales closer competes with himself and his goals, records but rarely competes against others.

10. They celebrate success: Without guilt!

Remember these sales closing techniques and be a master sales closer!

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DreamFetcher (DreamFetcher) April 10, 2010

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Kovak January 14, 2011

The 7 point missing !

7. Will always have a positive attitude

Steve Eungblut March 2, 2011

Great article – really motivating!

    Sales DNA March 3, 2011

    Great feedback Steve – I appreciate it – Thanks!

Miroszewski March 9, 2011

Correct! You got the essence

Andres April 28, 2011

Great information and certainly good values to work by! (just a quick note, ‘venerability’ in #1 should be ‘vulnerability’ no?) 🙂

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