About Us

Predictable Pipeline is the brainchild of Peter O’Donoghue after an extremely successful career in sales and Business Consultancy and B2B Sales Training. After years spent training B2B salespeople how to be more effective, professional cold callers we have developed some unique solutions to make it easy for businesses to stand out.

We watched with interest as the ‘Inside Sales’ phenomenon grew – largely from software companies in the USA, and spread through the software, IT and Telecoms Industries. We took those concepts, layered on top our systems for professional telephone sales, cold emailing principles,social engineering and ability to utilise cloud based research software and social media – to create a powerful B2B prospecting solution.

Peter is a regular contributor to Hubspot.com “Winning Edge” – The Magazine of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and other trade and Business Publications.

Want To Connect With Me?

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