Are you training your clients its ok haggling on price?

Why are prospects haggling on price?

Very often when I run training courses there is always a big debate about the ‘P’ word. That’s right price.

haggling on price

Teach your staff how to deal with prospects haggling on price

It is sometimes challenging to get staff members to see that not only do they have a huge influence on their  companies ability to charge higher prices and that it is very often their own words that encourages people to haggle with them.

Let me give you an example:

You walk into a car dealership and ask the salesperson for the price of the shiny new car in the corner. Their response is:

“The list price of that car sir, is £17,250”

What would be your reaction and your next question?

I would wager money that your next question would be something like:

“Well if that’s the list price, what’s my price?”

Am i right?

You see, all too often, salespeople encourage the very thing that they fear – prospects haggling on price. A few minor errors in the words that you use to deliver the price of your product or service will almost certainly indicate to the other person that they should haggle with you. Whether they read it this way consciously or subconsciously, that is the end result.

It is not just the prospects haggling on price. Not yet a believer that you can cause the price haggling you fear the most?

Next time you deliver the price of your product or service try dropping in one of these fatal haggling inducers:

  • Suggested
  • Regular
  • List
  • Asking
  • Basic
  • Usual
  • Lowest
  • Quoted
  • Best
  • Normal

All of these when used in a price delivery statement will indicate that you are unsure of your price and that the other person is free to start haggling on price with you. Try them out on a few customers to test my theory or realise that what I am saying is the truth. Use adverbs  at your peril because they will cause the very thing you fear the most. The price haggling customer!!


Finally, you now know how to deal with those prospects haggling on price!

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