Targeted 'Done For You' Lead Generation That Delivers High Quality Prospects Predictably Every Month...

Here's What To Expect When You Partner With Us...

We Understand Your Business

We start off every project by understanding your business. Who are you targeting?  What have you tried before that works? What have you tried before that didn't work? How many qualified leads do you need per month? What options do you need to scale or for flexibility? Once we know these things we'll know if you are a great fit for these services.

We Understand Your Prospects

We then understand a few key things:

1) What is your value proposition?

2) What is your Ideal Client Profile for your best prospects?

3) What social proof, examples and resources do you have that we can use to create our outreach programs

Once we have  this nailed we'll build your system for you...

We Build Your System

Once we have the foundations nailed we take care of everything for you:

​1) We build your lists for you on a weekly basis so no data is ever stale, out of date or not a match with your Ideal Client Profile

2) We build your 'Super Playbook' of outreach emails and multi touch cadences. We use all our experience to ensure these will be delivered, read and replied to...

We Make Contact For You

We make contact with your prospects using a 1 to 1 email methodology. These emails will be highly personalised, appear to come from a member of your organisation and will be consistent with your brand positioning and value propositioning. 

Your prospect will never know that you haven't written them in house after researching them and their business.

We Follow Up For You

If there is no response we keep the momentum going with highly personalised and professional follow ups.

We design a sales 'cadence' of between 4 and 8 contacts spaced out at times that are right for your target prospects. These repeated contacts are professional and value based interactions that ensure your busy prospects view you in a favourable light when they respond.

You Get Predictable Leads

You get a guaranteed number of responses every single month. These responses fall into 3 categories and can be sent straight into your CRM: 1) Please Contact Me 2) A referral to another person in the organisation 3)Pipeline: These are your best source of long term revenue. These are people who respond with 'off the cuff' qualifying statements like 'we do that in-house'.

Who Will This Service Work For?

  • Software As A Service Companies
  • Technology Companies
  • Telecoms Companies
  • Managed Services Companies
  • Value Added Resellers
  • Channel Acquisition Managers
  • Management Consultants
  • Digital Marketing Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Print Companies
  • Recruitment Companies
  • New Product OR Territory Launches

Working with Predictable Pipeline was a critical business decision for us at a crucial growth stage in the business. As a respected energy consultancy business in the UK and with a relatively crowded marketplace, we were struggling to produce a predictable flow of high quality first new business meetings with new prospects. We were creating around 3 or 4 first new business meetings per month and Predictable Pipeline allowed us to increase that to around 15 to 20. And not only that, the quality has drastically increased and the sales cycle has shortened. The work we did together in short and long term pipeline has added hundreds of thousands of £ to our long term business value.

Andrew Diplock     
CEO - UES Energy   

How Many Qualified Prospects Do You Want A Month?

90 Qualified Prospects
140 Qualified Prospects
200 Qualified Prospects


90 Prospects Per Month

  • 1 Project
  • Ideal Client Profile Dev't
  • Sales Cadence Development
  • Market List based on our unique methodology


140 Prospects Per Month

  • 1 Project
  • Ideal Client Profile Dev't
  • Sales Cadence Development
  • Market List based on our unique methodology


200 Prospects Per Month

  • 2 Projects
  • Ideal Client Profile Dev't
  • Sales Cadence Development
  • Market List based on our unique methodology

Interested in pricing and knowing more - just hit the 'let's talk' button below and answer some quick questions and we'll jump on a call and work out if this is a fit for you. 


Is there a long term contract with this?

No and Yes!. There is no long term contract. We run a 3 month 'pilot' which allows us to build the lists, set up the super playbook of email templates and start dialing in the numbers. You will get all of the guaranteed leads in that 3 month period. This 3 months is required to ensure we are all committed to the process. After this period it is a monthly recurring which you can cancel with 1 month notice.

Can You Help Us Acquire The Skills?

Yes. Because we offer a done for you service and consulting and set up we can absolutely help here. We can get you started straight with our done for you service and work to set up your internal capabilities with you. When the time is right we can senselessly transition over to your own internal resources. 

What Is A Non Standard Data Source?

One of the main reasons we can offer this service at a ridiculously low investment is because we have developed our own technology for building highly targeted lists complete with contact details. It is insanely powerful and we have standardized our process on using it. On the Accelerate plan we will build lists for you using a non standard data service which can be a list of companies you provide or  list of companies using a certain technology.

What on-boarding process do you have?

We have a highly systemised on-boarding process that walks you step by step through everything you and we need to get the process set up quickly and effectively. There are checklists, set up videos and resources to brief and train the team.

Who Owns the list?

We provide guaranteed results not inputs.That means we guarantee you qualified responses. Because of that we own the raw data on the prospects we have built. The reason for this is because we will continue to make contact with all prospects on our contact cadence 3, 6, 9 months. If you want to take ownership at some time in the future we agree a rate per 1,000 contacts in our on-boarding process.

Can We Scale Up And Down?

Absolutely. We have this system down to a scientific accuracy so can scale up and down at will. In our review calls we look at your future demand schedule and see if there are periods we can alter the number of prospects for greater results. Clients have scaled up for may reasons such as 1) Launching a new product/service 2) 'Pump Priming' new hires pipeline 3) Launching into a new territory 

How do you pass leads to us?

On the prospect plan we pass you leads daily either via an excel spreadsheet or a google docs sheet. On the Grow an Accelerate plan we can fire the leads directly into your CRM in real time using an API or  connection pipe. The benefits of this are huge as your salespeople can be calling the prospect within minutes of their response.

Do you offer any training on how to deal with the prospects?

Absolutely. We are experts in setting up outbound teams and don't leave you hanging with the responses. We offer scripts, proven playbooks, video training and live on the job team training. The Grow and Accelerate plan include either video or live training in the monthly investment. 

Hit the 'let's talk' button below and answer some quick questions and we'll jump on a call and work out if this is a fit for you.