How The Inbound Marketing Myth Is Crippling Consulting Businesses

In a world of seemingly endless choice around the ways that your business can develop predictable B2B lead generation channels, they really all fall into 2 main categories: Inbound Marketing Outbound Sales Yes, I know there is also referrals and ‘word of mouth… BUT… I said ‘predictable’ Most Consultants who land on this page have […]

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Cold Emailing Mistake Series #1: Faking Authority

Do you use email for your prospecting? When used correctly email can be a great way to open up new business. Unfortunately, very few salespeople can use email effectively to open up new business opportunities. I was reminded of this when I  received a typical badly structured sales prospecting email recently. It had a few […]

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What are your prospects mental pictures of Salespeople?

Very often in sales training we look at the salespersons own perspective on what the term salesperson means. Very often the salesperson themselves is wary of admitting they are in sales. It is quite damming, in many ways, that a profession is so cautious and ashamed to stand up and say proudly “I’m a salesperson!” […]

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