Do You Make These Mistakes With Your 'Words That Sell'?

Sales Letters, Sales Copy and Words That Sell

A resource that I keep near my desk to help me find just the right words for my sales letters and emails is ‘Words That Sell’ – By Richard Bayan.

One of the areas that I think we all make the most mistakes is what Richard calls ‘”Puffspeak”. That is – inflated words and phrases that have made their way into our every day language without real need.

Check to see if you use these in your sales letters and copywriting:

Puffspeak and The Translation
At this point in time = Now
conceptualize = think
cost-effective = profitable or money saving
counterproductive = futile
effectuate = bring about
ramifications = consequences
state-of-the-art = latest
transpired = happened

When we train companies in words that sell and business writing we encounter these and many more, far worse culprits.

If you want to make an impact in sales then use conversational words at the appropriate level for the people you are communicating to.

You are not writing poetry. Get to the point with short, sharp rational and emotional language.

Sales Letters, Sales Copy and Words That Sell.

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sarahsmith August 11, 2010

Advertisements are expensive. They are even more expensive if they don’t produce sales leads and people knocking at your door to buy your products. Unfortunately, everybody in business is convinced that they can write a good advert but they don’t learn how to do it properly first of all. Sometimes they hire a graphic designer who produces a very pretty advertisement that doesn’t sell anything because they have been taught the elements of design and not the use of the right words. Its very important to remember that the words sell and the selection of words is vital.The biggest mistake of all is so common. There are no benefits included in the body of the advert, no compelling reasons to get on the phone and call them now. Without a “call to action” the reader will do nothing.
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