Do You Make This Mistake In Sales Meetings?

This clip was recently emailed to me. It might not seem relevant to Sales Meetings and Sales Calls to you yet. Watch it closely – really closely and I will explain later!!

Did You see it?

I very often encounter this phenomenon when providing sales training and sales consultancy. Very often sales people are blind to what is happening around them.

Why is this?

Very often it is because they have a preset expectation of an outcome and all of their sales questions and what they are listening to is designed to confirm and arrive at the answers they need. This ‘focus’ on an outcome makes you unaware of what is happening in the sales call and the sales opportunities around you.

Worst of all it can alienate the prospective client as their needs are very often skimmed over whilst trying manouver the meeting to ‘your succesful outcome’.

Don’t do it! Concentrate on the person you are meeting with.

Have your top three outcomes of the meeting planned and be prepared to focus on the prospective client and what they need.

Next time you are in a sales meeting and see something out of the corner of your eye – make sure you haven’t just missed a moon walking bear!

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Owen Davies May 15, 2011

I cannot believe I missed the bear! You proved your point very well. I am in meetings all the time where someone will say something and the presenter will not even notice. They are too concerned with what they are going to say next.

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