100% Guaranteed Completely 'Done For You' Linkedin Lead Generation Service.


Together We'll Implement A System To Get You 5 To 15 New Business Opportunities Per Month Using Linkedin

...and a System for repeating that over and over again,

Let me ask you this...

What if you didn't have to wait for referrals to come to you?

What if you didn't have to attend those networking meetings that never get frequented by your ideal client?

What if you didn't have to spend a year writing a book to become an authority - all so you can win some clients?

What if you didn't have to spend countless hours a week posting content on Linkedin or your blog in the hopes that someone, somehow may see it and think you'd be the right solution for them?


What if you could pinpoint your best "ideal client", contact them and position yourself as the obvious expert to help them reach their goals?

It sounds ridiculous, but that's exactly what "Proactive Service Providers" (a.k.a. Client Acquisition Specialists) do.

You'll no longer have to practice "hope-and-pray" or "wait-and-see" marketing.

How do you take a message to the time poor, hard to reach and cynical executives in your dream clients and convert strangers into friends without breaking the bank or wasting your high value chargeable time on unproductive client winning strategies?

That's exactly what you're about to learn...


We Build Your Linkedin Platform

Your LinkedIn Profile is your “Social Proof” for all the world to see. Let’s make it great by making sure it talks to the desires and challenges of your target marketplace.

No matter your profile’s current condition, we will build you  an engaging profile that will attract and inform your target market about exactly what you do and why they need to talk to you. We'll clearly state the problem you solve, who you solve it for and what to do next. Prospects need to know immediately you can help them.

Some of the items included (if needed) are: a custom banner, a summary rewrite, and other adjustments as needed will be included to make your profile engaging and immediately positions you as someone your prospective client will want to ask to talk to.

We'll also re-do your profile everytime we run a new campaign into a new target audience to ensure it always deeply resonates with them. 


We Profile Your Target Market

We work with you to profile exactly who you want to be targeting using:

  • Linkedin Sales Navigator advanced search criteria*
  • Advanced boolean search strings to exclude undesired criteria and get really specific on your ideal prospect

We structure mini campaigns based on advanced searches to create small and highly focused messaging campaigns that can be split out by region, Industry, size of business or level of seniority

*Linkedin Sales Navigator needed on your account


We Connect And Engage

We write professional personalised connection messages, customised to you and your target audience. And then begin your campaign:

Daily Activity:

  • 100 Connection Requests with a custom “Connect with Me Message” ​with approximately 40% acceptance rate
  • If your profile and message to market match is really dialled in then a connection request should attract a number of people asking for a call straight away
  • For those that don't ask for a call straight away we follow up within 24 hours with either a straight offer or a thought provoking question to begin the conversation. A high percentage of people who receive that question will answer and the engagement is begun. Depending on the level of service you invest in we either pass the conversation over to you or we carry on the engagement on your behalf  with a predesigned questioning flow (see more detail later) 


We Nurture And Make Connections

​Now your connections are growing it's a perfect opportunity to send messages within Linkedin. If your connection hasn't agreed to a call then we have the ability to send 'autoresponder messages' inside of Linkedin as well as Direct Messages.

The Types Of Messages:

  • 'Autoresponder' - We have the ability to drip messages inside of LinkedIn to all your new connections. Messages sent inside of LinkedIn get delivered 100% of the time without worrying about spam filters or GDPR compliance. Every new connection will be entered into a sequence of 2 messages a month within Linkedin providing links to your content and other resources. These will be built out for as long as you remain a client of the service.
  • 'Direct Message' - Once your perfect prospect is a connection in your network we have the ability to send direct messages within Linkedin. These are perfect for sending invites to new whitepapers, webinars or even seminars. We can send these out at the rate of 200 per day. We recommend using these campaigns once every 7 or 8 weeks.


The Less Exciting But Essential Work...

There are a lot of side admin tasks involved with growing your Linkedin network and we take care of them all for you. For instance every time you get a new connection you get a message in your inbox. We delete them and leave your inbox uncluttered. 


Engage Or Set Meetings

You can choose to what extent you'd like us to manage your new found connections and opportunities:

The 2 Levels Of Service:

  • 'Engager' Level - At this level we engage and nurture your prospects until they engage back. At this point we hand them over to you to manage. They may ask a question or drop their mobile number and ask for a call. We'll notify you and leave it with you (or your team to action). 
  • 'Setter' Level - This is our highest level of service where we manage everything for you.
    • We'll manage your available time slots and set meetings for you using Linkedin
    • We'll answer any questions using a preapproved 'Answer Flow' and nurture people to a meeting
    • We'll use our proprietary SPIR process to turn hesitant potential clients into opportunities. It is usual for people to respond with what you might call objections. They are in fact just statement of facts like 'we already use someone for this' or 'we don't have these type of project requirements'. Our SPIR questioning process is designed to break down barriers, break down beliefs and to get people thinking about why they need a call with you. The result is typically double the amount of leads per month.

What People Are Saying...


Had tried hiring telesales people, outsourcing telesales people and Linkedin lead generation and they never delivered results.

“As a respected energy consultancy business in the UK and with a relatively crowded marketplace, we were struggling to produce a predictable flow of high quality first conversations with new prospects. We were creating around 3 or 4 first conversations per month and Peter allowed us to increase that to around 15 to 20. And not only that, the quality has drastically increased and the sales cycle has shortened. The work we did together in short and long term pipeline has added hundreds of thousands of £ to our long term business value”

Andrew Diplock (UES Energy Consultancy)


"One Of The Easiest Investments You Can Make"

“Whether you are new to generating leads, this system has to be one of the easiest investments you can make. The logical sequence and step-by-step guides - from identifying suspects and sending your first (and subsequent) contacts to prospects, to getting that all-important meeting ahead of your competitors – have a natural flow that I've not seen before. It is certainly being used in my company (we specialise in B2B and have a long sales cycle) and I am delighted with the programme”

Jon Coldwell (Infoquest CRM)

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