Don’t show up and throw up on your sales prospects!

My favorite phrase on sales prospects

I have been using the phrase “don’t  show up and throw up” on your sales prospects for a long time in my training and have blogged about it previously. I use it to persuade sales people from launching into a canned spiel that is  focused on them, their product and their company.

The people you call and meet really don’t care for the “show up and throw up” approach to sales. They want you to be focused on their business, their business goals and their Customer Value Proposition (CVP) -that is how you help them win more business and add value to their customers.

The “origin” of my phrase on sales prospects

I have to be honest and say that I never really thought that I invented the phrase but I could not put my finger on where it came from. Until now that is!

I was just looking over some of my old sales books (which greatly focus on learning about sales prospects) and low and behold came across my source of inspiration in a book called: Knock your socks off prospecting.


One of the best sources to learn more about sales prospects and sales training

I remembered that this was my source of inspiration and thought I would share this with you. Go and get a copy of the book from amazon. It’s definitely worth the £10 you can get it for.

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Jeremy Jacobs November 27, 2009

It ought to read “show up and shut-up”. Or putting it another way, listen to your prospect.

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