Handling Sales Objections – You are too expensive

How To Deal With The Price, Sales Objections


your too expensive - sales objection

I was just reading the book ’10 steps to sales success’ which you can check out here .

In it I was reminded of an old Zig Ziglar sales objections handling line that has stood the test of time well and still stands strong today as a great way of getting some one to think when they throw an unwarranted price objection at you. Remember, value, value, value…………

“Our company made the decision to explain a higher price once rather than justify poor service and quality several times.”¬† “You only cry once when you pay a higher price.”

Don’t get yourself in a position where you encounter sales objections in the first place. Use our sales prospecting training to position yourself correctly from the first interaction



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Steve Hilliar September 7, 2010

A great blog about selling. However I think you are on the wrong track. There is something most sales people miss and that is the difference in skill set required to make major sales. There is a difference and not many training organizations know about it or understand it.
Most of the books out there do not cover it.
However thanks to the net searches on making major sales will reveal it.

    Sales DNA September 11, 2010

    Steve, thanks for the comments. I do agree with you that there is never one single waqy to do anything. It depends on the circumstances. Consultative selling, for instance can actaully reduce sales if used in the wrong type of business where marketing has presold the prospect.

Jonathan October 1, 2010

Interesting, this is an objective that I have had to overcome a couple of time over the years and my stand point has always been service delivery and impeccable account management….works every time.


Nick Moreno October 14, 2010

Great point on sales objections from the Master.
Just remember that an objection is not rejection. An objection is just a poorly worded request for more information.

Raffy Addam October 18, 2010

A great blog. Im very happy to share all this useful info. I do hope the readers will use all the info given. Well done!

Jim July 12, 2011

This blog is fantastic. I visit on a weekly basis and the tips you guys provide are really helpful.

Working with Sale Spider we have to constantly think of new and creative ways to promote ourselves and this blog helps point us in the right direction!

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