How Not To Cold Contact Some one!

A Bad Way To Use Email To Make Contact………

Sitting In my email in box this morning was the following:


Being in the car business for years, I understand the importance of your Services. There is no beating around the bush: Times are tough and dealers are cutting back. I strictly deal with the automotive industry, and feel the pain as well.  Your company provides quality Services that dealers know they need to operate. They are looking to be more efficient, Help them.              We have a detailed data base of just over 72,000 dealerships Principals / Management Including: Name Job Title Dealership Information Address Email Address Phone Number  Once you obtain the data it is yours for UNLIMITED USE. My feeling is that this will be one of those milestone campaigns that not only rocks on its own, but more importantly is so cool that it becomes viral, and friends will forward to friends who will forward to friends.  This will be massive for your bottom line. I’m excited and would love to talk with you.  Please coordinate, and set aside some time for us to chat.  Feel comfortable emailing me to schedule a call time for us. Looking forward and talk soon … Robert

Telephone_Number = xxxxxxxxxxxxx


I’m not sure wether this is spam or does the guy seriously expect me to call him back?

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Jeff February 14, 2009

Seth Godin points out how the fact that email has no friction (ie is free and easy to send out) makes it attractive but dangerous. Without permission to ‘open the conversation’ from the recipient, it becomes spam and thus actually a strike against the company sending it out. And, as in your case, when the repelled recipient tells others, that ‘strike against’ multiplies.

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