Inside Sales: The Best B2B Lead Generation Method?

In a world of seemingly endless choice around the ways that your business can develop B2B lead generation channels, it seems believes the single best method to be — Inside Sales. We are obviously in agreement, because that is what we specialise in. But is there basis in their research?

So lets have a look at the results….[arrows style=”arrow-red-7.png” align=”center”]

Their top 3 Ranking:

  1. Inside Sales
  2. Executive Events
  3. Telesales

inside sales is the best lead generation


And they go further to demonstrate that telephone based sales – what they group as ‘outbound’  accounts for by far the most successful B2B Lead Generation method:

telesales and outbound lead gen


Does this come as any surprise to us? Absolutely not! Although there are a few caveats we want to stress:

  • What is their definition of the distinction between Inside Sales and Telesales? As this is the focus of nearly everything we do here at predictable:pipeline we would be keen to understand how they determined the distinction.
  • I think they underestimated the multi touch communication world that we live in. It is easier to trace the statistical  success of Inside Sales (you do don’t you?) because that is all under the control of the organisation. It is harder for most businesses to track the effectiveness of Social Media in B2B lead gen. As lots of different studies have shown, people use Social Media to inform and educate themselves about what options are available in the marketplace. Don’t underestimate the power of Linkedin in this process too.

Having said all of that we couldn’t help but agree that focused, professional outbound B2B prospecting is still the most effective and predictable form of lead generation.