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The Ultimate List Of Resources To Build High Quality Lists Of Ideal Prospects

Use These Simple To Use, Low Cost Tools To Quickly And Easily Build Lists Of Your Ideal Prospects With Their Business Email Address So You Can Easily Make Contact, Drive New Business Meetings And Create Predictable Sales Pipeline:

  • Learn the ONLY way you should be prospecting via LinkedIn and how you can tap into their billions of $ of development and piggy back on their search functionality to easily pinpoint and build lists of your Ideal Prospects...
  • Discover 11 of the best tools (that few people are using) to quickly and easily get your Ideal Prospects business email address, social profile information and even direct dial numbers so you can spend more time engaging with potential clients rather than wasting hours on research and trial and error methods...
  • A resource that will email you daily when something is happening in a prospects business that means they are desperately in need of your service.

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Peter O'Donoghue

"These are the exact same resources that our clients use and we use daily at Predictable Pipeline to create high quality lists of Ideal Prospects complete with all contact information. Download them and use them - they work. Peter O'Donoghue, CEO Predictable Pipeline