What are your prospects mental pictures of Salespeople?

Very often in sales training we look at the salespersons own perspective on what the term salesperson means. Very often the salesperson themselves is wary of admitting they are in sales. It is quite damming, in many ways, that a profession is so cautious and ashamed to stand up and say proudly

“I’m a salesperson!”


It’s a sad fact, but true, that the very thing that sales people fear is the initial gut reaction that the other person will have on finding out that they are a salesperson. And so they should because the vast majority of people have been put off by old, tired out and sometimes dubious sales tactics and now recoil at the very mention of that name.

This is not  a new phenomenon by any stretch of the imagination. Monty Python were bang on the money way back in their heyday with this:


 Would your sales prospects rather see you as a burglar?


In the modern selling world, it is by your actions and not your title that you can differentiate yourself from the instant recoil that many have when hearing the term salesman. Quite simply put – don’t do what the rest of the pack do!

  • Do your market research and know your Industry backwards
  • Develop an Information and educational approach to selling
  • Never, ever, use the old cliched opening lines that poorly trained, under skilled and pushy salespeople use
  • Understand current research into buying psychology and why people make the choices they do
  • Develop a long term focus rather than a short term gain perspective to sales relationships

Above all – be a good human being!

Next time you are sales prospecting ask yourself  “Am I an Encyclopedia Salesman?”

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